News Item: Paradism celebrates the end of labour on May 1st
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Posted by jarel
Sunday 28 April 2013 - 00:21:55

Press release

The Paradism movement celebrates the end of labour on May 1st

The Paradism movement has declared May 1st International Day of paradism to celebrate the advent of a new society without work and money.

While many countries around the world recognise “International Labour Day” on May 1st, the Paradism movement will herald the coming of the “end of the labour”.

Paradism is a political & social system similar to communism but exempted of any form of proletariat. Paradism, a system that works without money or banks, was officially launched by Rael ( in 2009. Paradism is based on the future applications and use of new technologies such as robotics, genetic engineering, nanotechnology etc., used for the freeing and betterment of humanity. All forms of human labour can be replaced by robots, nanobots & computers.

It’s unacceptable to keep people enslaved in jobs that can now be performed by computers or other machines.

Workers already think their replacement by machines leads to more unemployment and poverty. But it doesn’t have to be that way if the machines are owned by the people.

This replacement by the machines doesn’t have to be at the expense of our quality of life.

The gains brought by productivity will have to be redistributed to all not the few.

Paradism answers the fearmongers who predict widespread poverty and austerity following the imminent fall of capitalism.

“There is no reason to fall into poverty with the level of technology we have now,” says Rael,. “In this era of technological progress, science should totally free human beings from the slavery of work, allowing them to devote themselves solely to personal fulfilment in a society that ensures that all needs will be met for free.”

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