World Paradise

Paradism will not let people without work get bored and do nothing. It will create a multitude of activities that support the happiness and the blossoming of the individual and the society as a whole.

  • Playing
    Leisure activities will be more developed and made available for free.
    People want to have fun and play. Sport fields and amusement parks will mushroom everywhere.

  • Scientific research
    Education will be free and those who desire to do scientific research and those who seek to improve our quality of life through their inventions will be encouraged and supported.

  • Arts
    People will have the time and the resources to do any form of art. Artists will create for us an environment each time more beautiful and stimulating. Art pieces will be appreciated for their true value as there will be no money. Artists will offer their creations to their friends or to their community out of love.

  • Travel
    Transport will be free allowing everyone to travel to meet others or discover the wonders of the planet they live in.

  • Meditate
    People will be encouraged to grow spiritually in the direction of their choosing so as to increase their level of happiness and harmony. When one is happy and in harmony one contributes positively to the well being of the whole society.

  • Making friends
    People will spend their time in what they enjoy the most: connecting with people, dancing, partying and making love.
    As intended by the Natural Law, in sexuality like in all other domains, nothing will be imposed on people. They won’t have to conform to a set of rules or behaviours. As long as one respects other people’s freedom and choices they can freely express their potential and uniqueness to live the life they aspire to.

The forces that are guiding us to free ourselves and create a paradise on earth are unstoppable. They are deeply rooted in our collective subconscious. It is what our technological progress has been leading us to right from the start. Paradise is inevitable.

Let’s not delay any longer by trying to fix the old system. The time has come to embrace paradism and make this world a paradise.

World Without Work
World Without Money
World Without Government
World Sustainability
World Without Disease
World Paradise