World Without Government

In paradise there are no countries because there are no frontiers. There are no jails because there is no police. There are no politicians because there is no government.
A human being cannot be made a slave, a subject or be turned into a sheep. It is a crime against humanity.
A human being cannot be ruled or governed by anyone else but him or herself. A human being is the master of their own life, the creator of their own destiny.
The ability to organise ourselves in a harmonious society doesn’t result from the existence of a government. As a matter of fact, History is crammed with intense conflictual relationships between the people and their government.
Human beings aspire to be free and it is their inherent nature to rebel against any form of authority that tries to control and conform them.
To sustain the harmony and the cohesion of the society, we will need to abandon the idea to subjugate people. No authority can take away everyone’s responsibility to decide for themselves and assume all the consequences.


Large societies in the animal kingdom work perfectly without governments.

In the ant society there is a queen but she has no power. She has been given the wrong name. Her only function is to lay eggs all day long. There is no power struggle within the ant society because there is no position of power. There is no government, no law, no police. Everyone operates freely. This is a marvellous example of cooperation. When an ant carries a heavy weight towards the nest, two others come to help. While keeping their freedom to move around and do what they want, they contribute freely to the well being of the whole and benefit from the community without compromising any of their individual freedoms.
It is in the nature of ants to cooperate and care for each other. The ants just follow their natural inclinations. They don’t need a government and they don’t need laws to regulate them and get things done. They don’t have anything but the Natural Law, the Law that is set by Nature and which regulates the life of all beings.

Human beings too are meant to live in society and are therefore all born with this natural inclination to cooperate, to care for each other, to love and be loved.
When needed they would voluntarily work together. They will not work in a chaotic and disorganised manner but they will work under the leadership of those who would have risen for the occasion.
The leaders lead without any authority or power over the people. They are recognised for their valuable guidance and are able to inspire others to participate willingly.

Whenever there is a government or an authority in charge, they need to enforce their decision onto the people and therefore they will always strive to turn the people into compliant sheep.
A government needs a power structure, an army, a police as it cannot operate without enforcement and it makes more and more laws to exert more control over the people.

In a paradist society there is leadership but no power structure... because there is nothing to enforce. Everything is being done on a voluntary basis.
Wherever there is authority and power, there is friction and resistance. It takes away people’s responsibility and prevents them from operating with the Natural Law. As a result it creates more chaos by disrupting the Natural Order that would have taken place.

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