May 9, 2015, category: No Work

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The school system was created during the industrialisation era for the purpose of domesticating the children to make them the domestics, the obedient workers the system needs to support itself and the lavish lifestyle of a small ruling class.
This era is coming to an end as paradism, the great liberation of humanity from the slavery of work and money, is progressively replacing the now collapsing old system.

In paradism there will be no schools. Science shows that we learn much better through playing, not working. We learn the things that are necessary to us naturally without effort (like speaking a language). Just by doing the things we enjoy doing we will do exactly the things that are necessary for our well-being and happiness as well as the well-being and happiness of the whole society.
Besides the respect of other people, we don't have to enforce anything upon our children. Specially things that machines and robots will do for us including reading, writing, calculating and any type of work. If we need to learn anything we will do it naturally and freely just because we really need it and therefore want to.

We can already learn by ourself everything thanks to internet which provides us with an easy access to the whole knowledge base of humanity. Knowledge can now be delivered individually, everywhere and at the time we need it. It is also already adapted to any level of learning.

Some parents now understands that the schools have become completely obsolete and even harmful to the development of their children. We don't want our children to learn any kind of work. Tomorrow all the work will be done by machines. We will all be playing.
To work is the last thing parents should wish for their children.
Let the children play.