May 9, 2015, category: Technology

See article: Biobots - a 3D printer for living cells

Biobots are the ultimate angelic technology of the paradise. Not only they will make all the spare parts to keep our body young and healthy but they will make our food without having to grow it, harvest it and cook it. They will make all the materials with all the properties required to make everything we need. Absolutely everything. Everything we wear, everything we use will be alive. Alive means self-made, self-maintained and entirely recyclable.
Our technology will be completely integrated into nature and become undistinguishable from nature.
Nature has its own nano robots, the bacteria, the cells that work at the atomic level to create a fully functional world. By modelling nature and designing ourselves biological nanobots we can add to nature other living forms that will complement nature and be used to communicate, travel and work for us in total harmony with the ecosystem.

The biotechnologies are the key to a sustainable paradise where everything can be made abundant to fulfil everyone's needs and desires.