June 10, 2013, category: No Money

Big industries are currently spending a lot of money in lobbying to convince policy makers to strengthen copyright laws in order to protect their financial interests. They argue that more draconian copyright policies will lead to more innovation, more creativity and more jobs.
It is untrue of course. The jobs are going away anyway and no policy-making will be able to stop that.
As for innovation and creativity the opposite is true. Copyright policies restrict our right to share, modify and experiment at will with content and technology. It is a powerful break to innovation and creativity.
A very good example of that is the hackerspace movement.
Using their own words "hacking is taking what is, improving upon it to your best of your ability, and sharing it".
The hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects. They rely heavily on the open phenomenon which they are also greatly contributing to. With open software and open hardware, programmers, engineers and designers are making their creation available to all for free, in a do it yourself manner.
This openness is proven to be a fantastic stimulant for innovation and creativity.
"We don't need to reinvent the wheel, we pick up where our peers left and keep building on top of that".

The hackerspace movement is a good illustration of how paradism can function. It embraces the spirit of paradism. People get together and take responsibility on how they can work together harmoniously, how they can create and share their creation to the whole community.

The open movement is part of the forces that are bringing forth a paradise society without money. People are naturally drawn to collaborate, to give and share. It gives them a deep sense of happiness and purpose. Unlike the self-interest and competition the copyright laws are pointlessly trying to preserve.
Copyright laws are now antiquated for the future is "open everything".