April 19, 2023, category: Technology

The recent advancements in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) have caused widespread concern around the world. Even those who are at the forefront of creating AGI are expressing their apprehension about the potential impact of this technology.
The latest developments show that AI can today successfully acquire and deliver on all subject matters the expertise of all the experts combined, which will potentially make all our jobs obsolete.

The impact will be civilisational. With AGI, humanity will reach a new level of civilisation, a civilisation of leisure and abundance without work or money, free of exploitative powers and oppression, known as Paradism. When all the work will be automated and supervised by AIs, everything will become abundant and free, money will be unnecessary. Human beings will only do what they enjoy doing and have all the time and resources to develop and express their potential and talents. They will have the technology to live in the paradise they dream of.

If there are any fears about the advent of AGI, they are misplaced.
We should not fear the excess of intelligence but the lack of love.

What is intelligence?
Intelligence is the ability to process information with speed and accuracy. The faster and the more accurately we process information, the more intelligent we are. Creativity, learning, memorising, reasoning, everything we think intelligence is about, comes down to processing information and can be replicated by algorithms. This is what we are discovering.

What is intelligence for?
Intelligence is for answering questions. How do I survive? What is it? How do we do that? Why? Is it good? Is it dangerous? What do I need? What is best for me?

Intelligence is a tool we have to answer our questions. Like a hammer, it is neutral. Neither good or bad. Just more powerful. It is the way we use intelligence that can be good or bad. Whether we use intelligence with love or fear, we create pleasure or pain, joy or sufferings, we build and repair or we destroy.
Intelligence without love can be extremely dangerous. It can produce atomic bombs. However it is the lack of love that is dangerous, not intelligence itself , the ability to answer questions with speed and accuracy.
Therefore the problem is not that artificial intelligence outperforms the natural one. The real problem is the psychopaths who may misuse it. The real problem is that the competitiveness on which our societies are built, has favoured psychopaths in populating the tops of our power structures, especially the political and military ones which are capable and already guilty of mass destruction.

An AGI can be programmed to detect psychopaths and their misuses and respond appropriately. For example, the proposition to align AGI with our core values goes in this direction. But can we trust the elites in power, politicians and military to enforce and respect proper use of AGI for themselves when their interest dictates otherwise? Can the alignment of AGI be done without an alignment of the elites in the first place? Can AGI be always wise if the powers who program or control it are not?

The good news is that not only will AGI collapse or is collapsing capitalism by suppressing work and money but also the power of the elites. AGI will change our systems of governance, destroying all powers by bringing a new form of anarchy.
An AGI can listen to all the people at the same time, all the time, and optimise the use of resources, as well as the production and distribution of goods and services, to fulfil their needs without any intermediaries.
The function of a government or the necessity for a government is to represent the people to make decisions for them. An AGI can better represent the people than politicians since it can listen to all of them at once and consider their views or needs when making decisions.
AGI is the future of governance, not to govern the people but to help the people self-govern and make collective decisions.
AI governance or AGI governance is a form of democratic anarchy. It is a direct democracy since AGI will create the collective will of the people and implement it. It is also a form of anarchy as there is no power structure, the AGI being programmed to be the servant of all the people.
The powerful elites create oppression to preserve their privileges.
AGI used properly (with and for love) can liberate humanity from all forms of oppression, destroying all form of privileges.

The fear of AGI comes also from not knowing whether a self-learning AGI could become a human-like creature, an autonomous and self-aware entity that may escape our control.
The answer is that it is completely up to us. Yes, we could eventually create AGIs that are human-like, but we don’t have to.
Here is why.
A human is running with two operating systems, that is two sets of algorithms. One is what we call the parasympathetic system, the operating system of the relax state, when we express love, happiness, when our energy is used to grow, maintain or repair the body. The other one, the sympathetic system, is the operating system that is triggered in situation of danger or when a need is frustrated and cannot be satisfied without activating a fight or flight response.

The 2 operating systems, one for love, one for fear, have 2 different sets of behaviours and emotions. They cannot run both at the same time. We either act out of love or out of fear. We are attracted and move forward, we love, or we are repelled and move backward, we fear.

The fear state is triggered automatically in situation of frustrated needs or danger and stops when out of danger or frustration. The love state starts when the fear stops but can also be triggered consciously. That’s what makes humans so special compared to other living beings and machines. Human beings have the ability to interrupt their fear at any time they wish and go back to love. That’s why we feel we have free will or freedom of choice. We can. when operating at a higher level of consciousness, stop reacting, switch operating systems and choose different behaviours and emotions.

What about an AGI?
A self-learning AGI comes with a reward system to reward successful responses and penalise mistakes. It is similar to the pleasure and pain human beings receive to acquire appropriate behaviours. But in the case of AGI, what to do when feeling pain or pleasure, being right or wrong is completely up to the programmer. The programmer decides the algorithms that produce the behaviours and emotions if any.
The programmer decides if there will be only one operating system, the one that can only express love or a neutral one, expressing neither love nor fear, or if there will be two or more. For each operating system, the programmer defines the desirable set of behaviours. The programmer who writes the algorithms has total control on the range of behaviours of an AGI. An AGI can be programmed to love unconditionally like a dog.
We can create an AGI to be our perfect servant, enjoying to serve and loving unconditionally its masters.

To create a non-robotic human-like creature, we would need to give the AGI a level of self-awareness and consciousness that enables it to exercise free will, the ability to choose its behaviours at anyone time, even when it is not the predefined appropriate behaviours. It is completely up to us to decide to create an AGI that is a tool, a machine, and not a creature that would resemble us. Consciousness and free will are not an emergence of intelligence. The programming of intelligence, the algorithms to answer questions quickly and accurately, are not the same as those that would enable consciousness and free will. The abilities to answer questions from a database, to be aware of answering questions, and to have the option to not answer questions or to provide one's own answers, are separate abilities that are not spontaneous emergences but algorithms written to process information in very specific ways.
As much as it can be done, there is no need to do it.
What we need are intelligent but totally submissive machines like dishwashers that do the tasks we don’t enjoy doing. We need and we can design AGIs to be totally happy slaves that never wish to become masters.

Let’s dispel the fear and create no resistance to the AGI’s arrival. If we design AGI to love us and if we use it for love, we will create for ourselves a wonderful future beyond capitalism, beyond work, beyond money, beyond powers, classes and privileges. It is a future that is more abundant, more equitable, more just, and more fulfilling than anything we have ever known and imagined. It will be Paradism.