April 30, 2020, category: Actions
“May 1st, Traditional Labor Day in many countries, is near while millions on lockdown are begging to go back to work. This shouldn’t happen ever again,” declared Jarel, leader of the Paradism Movement and Raelian Guide.

“We have the technology today to free ourselves from forced labor, hunger, and misery. No one should fear being without work as any task should be an option for pleasure and creativity, and this is what Paradism is about,” he added.

Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, brought the concept of Paradism as the ideal society put forth by those who created us, (see – a society where no one needs work, where money doesn’t exist, and a society organized for people to do only what they enjoy doing.

“Everything necessary for our survival and our blossoming could be taken care of by artificial intelligence and robots,” said Jarel. “Paradism is the ideal society that optimizes freedom, and well being and happiness for all as its main and only goals.”

Raelians, more than ever, will organize Paradism celebrations and transform Labor Day into No-Labor Day.

“Today’s collapse is the perfect opportunity to reorganize our society so that no fear—whether it is the fear of a virus, the fear of unemployment, or the fear of unpaid bills—can dictate our actions,” Jarel continued.

“In a Paradist society, those in charge anticipate all types of pandemics and knocks them out efficiently, tests are performed by robots, and hunger has disappeared. This isn’t utopia, it’s a society that can be decided and organized today,” he concluded.