February 27, 2020, category: Paradism

This series of 6 episodes is an original analysis of the free market and highlights the great transformations it has undergone in recent centuries and especially its major dysfunctions. The last transformation (now in motion) is the one that will bring its total collapse and its disappearance. After centuries of existence, the free market will disappear forever to be replaced by a new economic system in harmony with the new technological level that we have just accessed. The new system of society which is being set up is that of a paradise, a society of abundance, without work or money where individuals will be free to flourish in the directions of their choosing and to express all their potential.

We now have the technology that allows us to produce abundance, but we don't have the economic system that allows us to distribute it. This presentation clearly explains why the free market does not give us the means to buy everything we produce and how a small minority has gradually enslaved the majority and has taken all the powers.

It is by understanding the real causes of the dysfunctions of the free market that it is possible to work out and above all to accept solutions for a new economic and political system, because these solutions can sometimes challenge principles that are dear to us and that we will have to give up if we are to create peace and social justice and establish the abundant society that our technology could bring us.

This presentation brings fantastic hope and allows us to understand that the collapse that we are experiencing will lead to the greatest liberation in the history of mankind and will allow the advent of a true paradise for all.