May 5, 2015, category: No Work

See article: In the Near Future, ‘Robotic Sex Partners Will Be Commonplace’

As this article predicts, robots will even replace sex-workers and eventually become sex-partners. Like for everything, whatever humans do, the machines will do it better. The sex-industry will not be spared. The sex-robots will be biological, specially created to our tastes and desires and programmed to satisfy all our sexual fantasies. The simulation of human behaviour will be so perfect, the brain will not tell the difference between a human and a biological robot. We will need to have a physical mark on robots to distinguish them from humans.

The robots will end all prostitution.
Work is prostitution. It comes down to selling parts of our body, our mind, our hands or our sexual organs.
Work has been made a highly respectable value by the powers in place to keep people serve the system that support them.
We have been domesticated from school to become obedient workers for the system.
We need to discredit work as much as we discredit slavery and prostitution. Work is part-time slavery and prostitution.
A human being cannot be turned into a slave, a machine or a robot. That's what we now need to teach our children at school.
To work should be the last thing the parents wish for their children.