May 4, 2015, category: No Work

See article: First Humanoid Robot Lands Job At Department Store

Humanoid robots taking over our jobs. hurrah!!!
It's just getting started. The race is now on and no jobs will be spared. Just like the steam engine has replaced horses, the robots will replace humans and do all their jobs. It is inevitable.
The problem is not that robots take over our jobs like this article insinuates. This is a blessing as we have much better things to do with our life than to do the work machines could do. We want to be free from having to work for a system where only a very small minority have enough freedom to do what they enjoy doing. We all want to be free and we all can thanks to the technology that is liberating us from having to work.
The problem is not how we are going to create more jobs to replace the ones we lose. We don't want more jobs we want more freedom.

The real problem is never addressed by the journalists. Why do we have a technology that can produce everything we need if the people can't afford to buy the production? The real problem is how we are going to distribute all the goods our technology can provide and keep people's standard of living when we fire them and we take away their source of income.

The solution to this problem is in the redistribution of wealth and the gain of productivity. This is the real issue the copy/paste journalists always avoid.
Because solving this issue would require a complete new system.
A system that can liberate human beings from having to work for money. A system that will inevitably leads to the end of the dominant class that reap most of the wealth and control the media. A system that will inevitably leads to paradism.