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The people don’t want more jobs, they want more freedom.

May 1st, International day of Paradism: for a world without work and money.

On May 1st, the Paradist movements around the world will participate in the 4th International Day of Paradism. While many will be busy celebrating the “International Labour Day” asking their politicians for more work  and more money, the paradists  will celebrate the emergence of a new world without work, without money and without politicians.

The Paradists denounce the policies aimed at fighting unemployment as counter-productive and futile. Progressively, relentlessly and at an accelerating rate all the jobs are going to be taken over by smarter and smarter machines more competent and efficient than humans. 
Technology must not be used for wars and destruction but should only be used for peace with the aim to liberate the people from their forced labour and bring forward a leisure society of abundance, called Paradism. 

“A human being shouldn’t have to do what a machine could do.”

 When all the work will be done by robots, human beings will use their free time to do what they enjoy doing: create, meditate and have fun. Money will become useless and disappear.  This coming new world will be a real paradise.

The transition to this new society, during which technology is progressively taking away our jobs, does not have to be accompanied by more misery and suffering. Quite to the contrary. The gains of productivity must be redistributed to all not just a few.

The problem is not that we cannot produce enough for everyone, the problem is that we do not share enough with everyone. It is a problem that is inherent to capitalism, the system on which the world economies are based.

Capitalism was designed to enrich the rich - the capital-owners (hence its name).  The capital-owners, those who own the means of production and the technology, are reaping all the benefits of the automation of work and the increased productivity as more and more people get impoverished when they become jobless and lose their source of income.

Better than taxing the rich, the common ownership of the means of production is the only real solution to the enormous concentration of wealth that is occurring and the best way to share evenly the abundance and the prosperity that our technology provides.

“The paradise and the prosperity enjoyed by Wall Street and the 1% can be enjoyed by the 99% as well.”

“Everything we commonly owned can be free.

 The common ownership of the means of production makes also possible a state of abundance where everything can be free. We will stop using money. There will be no rich, no poor. Everyone will have the same access to consumption.

“A human being must not be made a slave, a subject or turned into a sheep.”

In the paradist society, there is no government that rules or governs the people.
There is no need for politicians when we can express all our needs and desires to super computers that will monitor the resources, the production and the distribution of the goods we ask for. To decide how many hospitals, how many cars, how much vegetable we need…  it is a mathematical problem that a supercalculator will optimise far better than any politician whose decisions are swayed by vested interests.

Paradism is a form of anarchism where people abide to the Natural Law and freely follow the leadership of those whose ideas and actions contribute the most to their happiness. A council of geniuses, not a government, offers their advice or guidance without any power.  

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