September 14, 2014, category: No Money

Jeremi Rifkin in this visionary presentation announces the arrival of a new economic model "the collaborative economy" where things will be produced by prosumers (short for producters/consumers) for free everywhere just like information goods (music, films, e-books, news ...) are now provided for free by the prosumers of the internet.

The internet of things, the equivalent for the real world of the internet of information, will rely on the new technologies that are currently being developped to provide free energy (solar cells), free transport (self driven cars and drones) and free manufacture (3D printers).

In the virtual world people can create their own music, films and contents and give everything away for free which is bringing an end to the corporate market for the information goods.
Soon in the real world, people will create their own goods and give them away for free thanks to the new internet of things. And this will also bring an end to the corporate market of good and services.

The firewall between the virtual and the real world is collapsing. The goods and services in the real world will endure the same fate as the music and film industry in the virtual world.
Everything will end up being free.

The disappearance of money is inevitable.