May 29, 2014, category: Technology
BBC NEWS: Researchers try to develop 3D printing of body parts

We already have or we will very soon have the godly technology to create a true paradise on earth. A paradise without work and money but also without diseases. Today our scientists are developing 3D printers for body-parts. With this technology all dysfunctional or aging body parts could one day be replaced. It will be like living in a young body ... forever.
Imaging 3D printing not one organ but the full body and making the carbon copy (pun) of an human being. We will have the technology to clone, not necessarily to make duplicates of ourselves which might not be useful or desirable but to clone ourselves just before or just after we die. We could dispose of our old body for a new one and live through renewed bodies forever.

The biological 3D printer is one of the most critical technology of paradism. It will allow us to not only live forever but also create our food and all the goods that we need on demand and on location. No need to spend many years and much real estate growing vegetables or cattle. The 3D bioprinters will print our meals like you can print this article. You will be able to choose from all the flavours and the textures that have ever existed.
There will be 3D bioprinters everywhere in every home all connected through the world internet so when something new and interesting comes up, everyone could print it and enjoy it without any delay caused by manufacturing and transport.

The 3D bioprinter is also the answer for a sustainable society of abundance. If everything is made with biological materials there will be no impact on Nature. Everything will be composted after usage and will return to the ground where it comes from. We will be able to satisfy the limitless needs of people without creating a mountain of waste.

Humanity should celebrate the development of the 3D bioprinter as its most important endeavour. The media have barely mentioned it. It is actually one of the most important news of the century.

The 3D bioprinter is the ultimate paradist technology. Paradism intends to give this technology the highest priority. Not only it will free us from having to work, providing us with everything we need almost instantly, but it will bring us an eternal life of abundance. We will be like gods creating life from dust.
That's what Paradism is all about. Creating the paradise, the home for the gods.