April 6, 2024, category: Paradism

Humanity is going through a systemic collapse. The collapse is global and affects all areas of society: political, economic, social, cultural, ecological, scientific, judicial, educational, religious, spiritual…

If we were to identify the event responsible for the systemic collapse, we would find that it is a change in our mode of production. When we change the mode of production, we change everything in society. We change our way of life, how we live, what we do, and how we do it. We change our elites, how they are selected, and how they operate. Ultimately, when we change our mode of production, we change our level of civilization and the societal system that supports it. As the new mode of production is introduced, the old system collapses to make way for the new.

With each mode of production comes a corresponding system of society. For it is the mode of production that dictates the societal organisation.

We began with the original civilization of hunter-gatherers. We were nomadic. We experienced tribalism. Then, with the domestication of plants and animals, came the agrarian civilization. We had to settle down to work the land and, to survive, we had to protect ourselves with an army and a warlord against the 'barbarians', the nomads who saw land ownership as a threat to their way of life. We then experienced feudalism.

With the Industrial Revolution, animals were replaced by machines. Our mode of production shifted from working the land to working in factories. Populations concentrated around industrial areas, leading to migration from villages to cities. The new mode of production brought a multitude of new products and services that deeply impacted our lifestyle. The elites, the landowners, were replaced by machine owners. Capitalism then replaced feudalism.

With the advent of intelligent machines, robots, and AI, we are once again changing our mode of production. Robots are replacing humans just as machines replaced animals. We will reach a new level of civilization. Everything will change. Everything we need will be produced abundantly and for free. We will create a leisure society without work or money. All production will be carried out by robots and will take place underground. We will live in harmony with nature, creating ever more beautiful and pleasant environments. The Earth will be transformed into a paradise. We call the optimal societal system that runs this technologically advanced paradise: Paradism.

Paradism is not an option among many other possible societal systems. Paradism is the societal system that aligns with the new mode of production led by smart machines. It naturally establishes itself, aided by the invisible forces that drive a system towards a new equilibrium. These forces are irresistible. They collapse the old to make way for the new. Just as feudalism replaced tribalism, and capitalism replaced feudalism, paradism will replace capitalism once the new mode of production becomes dominant.

There is a logic behind the systemic collapse attributed to smart machines. If capitalism was able to provide enough prosperity for people to accept their servitude, it is now causing widespread hardship. To remain competitive and profitable, companies are forced to replace workers with smart machines. By losing their jobs, people can no longer consume. When people don't buy, businesses can't sell and go bankrupt. Automation, necessary to remain competitive and profitable, also destroys the purchasing power of the population and leads the system to bankruptcy.

The financial system, which has served as an instrument of control and domination by the elites, is based on the ability of borrowers to repay their debts. It is through this process that money is created, and this is how banks can do business. When too many people, businesses, and governments go bankrupt and lose their ability to repay their debts, no financial institution or currency can survive. The financial system collapses, affecting all layers of society. It is a systemic collapse. It is happening now and it is happening everywhere.

What will happen after the systemic collapse?

What happens next will depend on the predominance of the two fundamental forces that govern biological systems: love and fear.

Humans, like all living beings, operate with two distinct operating systems, each dictating a specific set of behaviors. When we spot food or something pleasant, we activate the emotion of love; we are attracted and we move forward. Conversely, when we encounter something toxic or sense danger, we activate the emotion of fear; we feel repulsion and we move backward. Every action and decision we make can only be motivated by love or by fear. We move forward or backward. It is impossible to do both at the same time.

When we are safe and feel love, the higher functions of the brain are activated; we are smarter, open-minded, philosophical, creative, connected, empathetic. We adopt behaviors such as cooperation, kindness, and understanding. We contribute positively to our community.

When we are afraid, we deactivate our higher functions, we close our minds to focus on the danger. This is not the time to write poetry. The fight or flight response is activated. We focus on self-preservation and become selfish, defensive, competitive, or even aggressive. We mobilize our metabolism to flee or attack and destroy the perceived threat. If we cannot flee, if we cannot escape the threat and the fear persists, we feel powerless, we despair, we fall ill and we die or we commit suicide.

At every biological level, we find the same two operating systems and the same self-destruct mechanism when there is no escape from a stressful environment. They exist at the cellular and bacterial level, at the level of communities of cells and bacteria that form plants, animals, humans, and they are also found at the level of communities of plants, animals, and humans. Just as communities of cells form individual human beings, communities of human beings form larger biological systems, living entities also driven by love and fear, with the desire to survive, to thrive, and to live without fear, and with the capacity to self-destruct in case of despair.

Whether a community feels safe or not determines how it will be led.

In times of danger, a community triggers its fight or flight response and chooses warlords as leaders. When faced with existential threats, tyranny becomes the most appropriate form of governance. You must mobilize all possible energy to fight the enemy. There is no room for dissent or deliberations to reach a consensus. No army operates democratically. It is vital that decisions are made quickly. Soldiers must obey the chain of command; they are not asked for their opinion or permission. In times of war, civil liberties are suppressed, men and women are forcibly recruited, freedom of speech is suspended, economic freedom is suspended. Industries are placed under state control, and price regulations are applied.

When you flee or fight for your life, you do not care if your body suffers, if your cells are hungry or too tired and dying. You do not respond to any other needs than that of saving your life; every cell in your body must participate and endure the necessary efforts and sacrifices. In addition to this, the body produces more cells needed to fight. We develop more muscles and stronger bones, the cellular equivalent of the development of the military-industrial complex. We produce a specific chemistry, stress hormones, which keep us alert, angry, and aggressive; similar to a cellular form of war propaganda. Under prolonged stress, our body transforms and adapts. For the larger biological system that is a community of human beings, this translates into the production of more psychopaths, sociopaths, athletes, to produce the warriors necessary for the attack. This is done through mass culture such as media and education, but also epigenetically. Women who live in great insecurity give birth to children with lower IQs and stronger physiques. The community needs fighters more than philosophers and poets.

Psychopaths, who are genetically less sensitive to fear and pain, tend to be more competitive and more self-confident in the face of adversity. Their predisposition increases their ability to inspire individuals seeking protection through their leadership. They are more likely to reach positions of power. And sure enough, that's what they have done!

When a community feels safe again, tyranny becomes unbearable. People demand change. They claim sovereignty and control over public officials. They refuse to fight. They disobey and express their dissent. The sacrifices must end. Freedoms must be restored. Reparations must take place. Their needs must be addressed. In this case, the most appropriate form of governance would be one that serves all individuals, meeting their needs while maximizing their freedom, well-being, and personal development; just like the human body which can, when it is out of danger, rest and redirect energy towards repair and growth, towards the well-being of all cells.

Tyranny is like pain. It is useful for protecting the body, but it is not desirable. Freedom is highly desirable, but can only be exercised when one is safe, hence the compromise between freedom and security, with the bias that security takes precedence over freedom. If it keeps us safe, we will accept servitude and sacrifices. The elites, our slavers, the warlords who took power to protect us from existential threats, are aware of this. The acceptance of their tyrannical power and privileges lies in the existence of a potential danger and in their ability to ensure safety. They need these two elements to control a freedom loving population.

Since the very beginning, humanity has endured or feared scarcity. For most people, life was a struggle for survival. The operating system under which humanity functioned was one motivated by fear, the operating system for self-preservation that favors competition, selfishness, oppression, and tyranny.

Today, intelligent machines bring abundance that can provide everyone with enough to meet their vital needs and eliminate the fear of scarcity. When people start to feel safe, they activate the operating system driven by love. They are then prone to being cooperative, to share, to show empathy and kindness. Once enough people feel safe, humanity's operating system shifts from fear to love.

Smart machines not only cause capitalism to collapse and bring a new level of civilization, they also change, at the macrobiological level, humanity's operating system. The whole range of behaviors and emotions generated by humanity will no longer be based on fear, but on love. This will have profound implications. It will be like moving from darkness to light; from an era of obscurantism and suffering to a golden age. Such a significant transition is unprecedented in history.

What will become of our elites?

They will be replaced, of course, by the same forces that are installing Paradism. The golden age is not led like the age of darkness. Psychopaths, tyrants, slavers, warlords, fearmongers are not necessary in a world where love, peace, cooperation, and mutual respect are the fundamental principles.

When there is no longer any danger, people massively claim their sovereignty and reject the tyranny they have reluctantly accepted under threat. In biological systems, the fight or flight response ceases and the body shifts its attention from survival to repair and growth, allowing healing and development. Similarly, in a society devoid of perceived threats, individuals can focus on personal and collective repair and development, fostering an environment where creativity and innovation thrive.

In the nervous system, the parts of the brain that house higher functions take precedence over those that generate reflexes to direct the body. The adrenal glands stop secreting adrenaline and cortisol, leading to muscle relaxation. Likewise, in the biological entity that is human society, the individuals most capable of guiding the repair and development of humanity assume leadership roles. Propaganda ceases and soldiers return home.

Who are the most capable individuals of humanity?

Character and skills are not distributed equally among individuals. They follow a bell curve. In this distribution, most individuals will have an average level of a particular trait, while fewer individuals will have extremely high or low levels of that trait. We call individuals with exceptionally high levels of skill or intelligence "geniuses." When these geniuses lead governance with their extraordinary abilities, the system is called "geniocracy".

How will geniuses be selected?

They will ultimately be preselected scientifically and certainly elected by people who will also be scientifically selected for this task. It is a form of selective democracy to select the best.
The population scientifically selects from within itself those who are best suited to serve and guide it, as well as those best suited to elect them. The scientific method is the best tool humanity has developed for objective optimization. It will be used both to detect and select the most qualified to elevate humanity towards higher levels of well-being and happiness.

How will they govern?

The most desirable form of governance is one that serves all people and meets their needs by maximizing their freedom, well-being, and fulfillment.

The first conundrum is to maximize freedom.

In the human body, all cells operate autonomously, each performing its own function while simultaneously meeting the needs of the collective. Not all cells perform the same tasks. They are organized, structured into organs, each type of cell having a specific role. Together, they contribute to the overall community of cells by performing tasks they are specialized for and enjoy doing.

Humans, who can be likened to cells forming the vast organism that is humanity, can adopt an infinite number of lifestyles. They have countless ways to live their lives. However, they receive their traits and character epigenetically to adapt to their environment.

Humans will not be produced by the great body of humanity to adopt a random lifestyle, but they will be produced to best adapt to the environment. If certain collective needs are not met, they will produce among themselves the necessary individuals to meet these needs. Just as the human body produces specialized cells for its organs.

The cells of the body do not need to be governed. They govern themselves very well. They simply need to receive the food and energy they need to survive and thrive. By doing what they love and do best, they contribute to the happiness and well-being of society as a whole. Whatever the environment, a natural order, efficiency, and harmony emerge from societies of autonomous and self-governing living beings as they face or adapt to the challenges they encounter.

Understanding this biological principle, humanity naturally organizes itself by affinity and lifestyle, encouraging the diversity of human expressions to create the various "organs" it needs. Not all possibilities manifest themselves. Those that are essential to the survival and well-being of the collective emerge predominantly because they are selectively expressed through genetic and epigenetic mechanisms.

Freedom is an illusion. Our pursuit of happiness is biased to seek the love of others and to express the talents we have acquired genetically and epigenetically. Our aspirations and what we enjoy doing are programmed to ensure our own survival and well-being, as well as the survival and well-being of society as a whole.

Ants are free to do what they like to do. It is an example of anarchy because they do not have a formal power structure. They do not have police, bosses, or rulers to tell them what to do. Instead, what they like to do is encoded in their genes. This does not result in a chaotic and dysfunctional society, but rather a natural order that generates an optimal and harmonious community.

In highly developed societies where life is relatively comfortable and safe, parents may lament seeing their teenagers become gamers and lazy dreamers. Unbeknownst to them, they are nurturing the visionaries, artists, and poets of a future leisure society.

In other parts of the world, like in Gaza where life is marked by scarcity and danger, parents are likely to raise rebels and warriors who will confront these dangers and fight for a better life. Whatever the environment, humanity is driven by invisible forces to establish a natural order, to create an optimal society, the paradise for all: Paradism.

Paradism is a form of anarchy; a natural anarchy that we observe in all biological societies. There is no power structure. Each individual is sovereign. We are free to choose our lifestyle and to group together with compatible, like-minded people to form tribes; the different organs of the vast being that is humanity. Even if we cannot always live side by side, there is space for everyone to express themselves and realize their potential.

The natural way of living is the original way in which we have lived. You reside in a tribe and have the freedom to leave it, join another, or establish a new one. Even sovereign beings respect rules among themselves, which are then contracts or treaties. They are essential for harmonious coexistence. They do not hinder your freedom or sovereignty, provided you can choose the rules you must follow. In Paradism, nonconformity is the rule to allow the expression of all the different colors of humanity.

Governance by an elite of geniuses is not incompatible with natural anarchy and the absence of a power structure, provided that these geniuses aspire to be at the service of all. These individuals exist. They form an important organ of the body that is humanity: they are the consciousness that directs the body in its quest for happiness. In addition to being geniuses, located in the brain of humanity, they are endowed with a high level of selflessness, prioritizing the well-being of the whole rather than their own desires. Being of service to others is one of their predominant character traits. This is how they will be recognized.

Once the right individuals, those whom the vast organism of humanity has genetically designed to form its consciousness, assume leadership, they will have to create and manage an AI that allows them to serve people both individually and collectively. No matter their intelligence, it is beyond human capacity for a group of individuals to fully understand and respond to the needs of every person. An AI would be specifically developed for this purpose: to listen to the needs and desires of each one and optimize their satisfaction. This AI would oversee all production and distribution of goods and services and maintain constant communication with every human being, not as their leader, but as their servant.

In a living being, all cells receive food, energy, and everything they need for free, which allows them to fulfill their roles in contributing to the whole. In the immense biological entity made up of all human beings, each human being would receive for free everything they need to live and fulfill themselves in the direction of their choice, because their quest for happiness contributes to the well-being and happiness of the whole.

How will the transition of the elites take place?

With recent developments in AI, intelligent machines are about to take over all jobs. This includes our politicians and rulers. As we have seen, an AI can listen, represent, make decisions, and serve people more effectively.

Everything is now in place for a transition. However, the details of how we will carry out this transition remain unclear. There will be a triggering event - the straw that breaks the camel's back, the spark that ignites the powder keg. One day, the king rules; the next, he is overthrown. The transition of the elites will be sudden and global. We don’t know the day, nor do we know the trigger.

To start a fire, we need both the right terrain and a spark. The conditions are ripe for transition; we are now waiting for the spark. The longer we wait, the greater the discontent grows, and the smaller the necessary spark becomes. Ignition is inevitable.

However, there is a great risk. If we continue to live in fear, if we feel powerless and without hope for a better future, we could self-destruct. This is a biological response to a state of suffering without hope. Life is not worth living if it is filled with constant suffering in a toxic environment. This is true at all biological levels, from the cell to the individual, and up to society as a whole.

All signs seem to indicate that we have begun the process of self-destruction. The increasing rates of autoimmune diseases are an indicator at the microscopic level. The growing number of suicides signals a problem at the individual level. The rapid degradation of our ecosystem and the acceleration of the nuclear arms race are indicators at the macroscopic level.

To remain in power, our elites manufacture fears, fake climate scares, fake pandemics, fake terrors, fake wars, and they use them to tighten their control and tyranny. If they succeed, we will all die. As too many people think the situation is becoming desperate, we are on the brink of self-destruction.

The way the transition of the elites will take place is unknown and not important. The elites we have today will not survive what is coming. Everything that opposes the natural harmony of the universe is doomed to disappear. Natural harmony is paradise. Irresistible forces are leading us there. We are at the gates of paradise. The technology that allows us to free ourselves from servitude through work and money, to escape scarcity and live in abundance, is also the one that will lead us to the stars. We can only enter paradise through love. If we live in fear, we are a danger to other space civilizations. The gates of paradise remain closed and we disappear to preserve the natural harmony of the universe.

What is important is to have enough time to make the transition. If we continue to be afraid - afraid of AI, afraid of the fantastic technology that comes to our rescue, afraid of the changes ahead, afraid of losing our jobs, afraid of the collapse - and if we do not see the solutions that are presenting themselves and the fantastic future that awaits us, we will despair and self-destruct.

What is important is to make the transition from fear to love at the cellular level, the individual level, and the collective level. For it is this transition from fear to love that is the underlying cause of the systemic collapse, which brings down the system and its elites and unlocks the gates of paradise for us.

The systemic transition is part of a biological transition

The systemic transition is only an epiphenomenon of a much broader transition, a biological transition that operates on three levels and perhaps more.

The microbiological transition

The first level is the microbiological level, the microscopic world of bacteria and cells.

When we are afraid, we change our microscopic world, our metabolism, the set of chemical reactions that occur constantly in our body. We produce more stress hormones by promoting cellular development of the muscular system, for example. When the danger is removed, we return to homeostatic balance; this default chemical and hormonal balance that we receive at birth and during the first years of development. This state would correspond to the idle level of a car. When we stop accelerating and stressing the engine, it automatically returns to idle. This is the position of equilibrium.

If the stress persists, our microscopic world will adapt and find a new equilibrium position. We will, for example, operate continuously with higher levels of cortisol and blood pressure. A soldier who has experienced prolonged intense stress may continue to live in a state of stress long after demobilization. He will suffer from what is called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The operating system of his microscopic world has stabilized on that of fear. He may continue to experience moments of pleasure, but he will be dependent on stress, his new equilibrium state.

To allow our microscopic world to leave the operating mode of fear, we must create an interior environment that is not toxic or dangerous. First and foremost, it is essential not to ingest substances that can compromise our natural chemical balance, homeostasis. Then, we need to relax and feel love. We must meditate. Meditation is a practice of non-thinking that puts us in a state of feeling. By feeling the present moment, without thinking about the past, the present, and the future that scare us and cause us anxiety, we instantly put ourselves in the operating mode of love. We feel a joy that spreads throughout our body. We can also meditate by feeling all parts of the body, all our cells, and give them love by putting ourselves in a state of gratitude. Love is the antidote to fear.

When we are overwhelmed by stress, resources, energy, and food primarily fuel the organs and cells involved in the fight-or-flight response, and we neglect all others, especially those that make up the immune system. If stress becomes the norm of operation, the immune system cannot function normally; it no longer picks up the trash, it no longer processes toxins from outside or from cellular functioning, and the cellular environment becomes toxic and unlivable. The self-destruction process is triggered, leading to autoimmune diseases.

The practice of meditation allows for these essential moments of respite. But this regular and permanent practice of meditation can especially change the level of homeostatic balance in a process antagonistic to that of post-traumatic stress disorder. What stress does to the homeostasis of those it traumatizes, happiness can do too. It could be called post-traumatic happiness disorder; except it's not a disorder, it's a desirable consequence of permanent happiness. The regular practice of meditation and the feeling of love raises the homeostatic level of happiness permanently. It makes us happier even when we do nothing.

We can observe that the microbiological or cellular transition is already well underway. The practice of meditation has taken off fantastically around the world. The operating mode of the microbiological world of an increasing number of individuals is gradually shifting from fear to love.

The biological transition

The ongoing biological transition is that of the change in the operating mode of individuals. Instead of operating under the emotion of fear, they act out of love.

Those who do not make this individual transition and who live the upcoming events in fear will express selfishness, competition, and aggression. They will fall into barbarism by killing each other for the last piece of bread. Those who live in love will express empathy, cooperation, and charity. The chances of surviving the tribulations are much greater. In the collapse, as in extreme cases of survival, one can choose to help each other or to kill each other; to live in harmony with others or to disappear. This is perhaps what religions have called the Last Judgment. On the day of the Last Judgment, only those who have been full of love will be worthy of entering paradise.

The macrobiological transition

The ongoing macrobiological transition is that of the operating mode of the biological organism that is humanity. This mode is currently under the influence of fear and will shift to that of love.

The systemic transition is part of it.

It is also accompanied by a spiritual transition. Technology has connected all individuals to each other. With the Internet and AI, the great body of humanity has developed the part of its nervous system that allows it to be instantly informed about all its cells; the human beings that compose it. By connecting with each other, humans develop a sense of unity. They are becoming increasingly aware that their life has a spiritual dimension and that they are part of something greater than themselves.

This sense of oneness, of being part of the great body of humanity, is also developing with the rise of meditation and especially group meditation. If the positive effects of meditation on the cells that make us up are scientifically observed, there are very few studies on the effects of group meditation on humanity. But there are some, and indeed, they are similar to those observed on individuals. Group meditation reduces the level of aggression in the population, even if it does not meditate. This would mean that it affects the operating mode of a population. If more and more people meditate simultaneously, if they feel love for others, a time will come when the entire great body of humanity will be in a state of meditation, even if many do not meditate. When this happens, even if only for brief moments, the operating mode of humanity will change.

Meditation is apparently the biological function that allows us to feel, and even influence, other biological levels.

A universal transition

We could extend the discussion by saying that humanity is part of another great body composed of all the humanities of the galaxy. We observe that life and the universe have fractal structures. It would not be impossible that they really are. Biology in galaxies would then in turn form a large biological body. And we can continue indefinitely. The universe would be infinitely large and alive, but also infinitely small and alive. Life could exist at all levels of the infinitely large and the infinitely small. Our transition could affect the transition of higher and lower levels. Like dominoes, it would spread through all levels of the infinitely large and the infinitely small.

Let's stop this discussion that will take us too far. What's important is our collective transition.

Will humanity's collective transition happen in time? We do not know.

What is certain is that we can all contribute to saving ourselves and others by giving more love and meditating, which is a way of giving or rather emitting love at all biological levels with which we share the same present moment.

As always, love is the answer. Love is the invisible and irresistible force that propels us at all biological levels towards universal harmony; and in a more concrete and down-to-earth reality, towards Paradism.