Join the Great Liberation

May 1st International Paradism Day

The race against the bomb

There is everything to lose and so much to gain. The bomb is the last obstacle before Paradism.

How to end the slavery of work and money

Learn how the free market creates an illusion of freedom to enslave the people who will work voluntarily to support the lavish lifestyle of the rich.

Solving the concentration of wealth

The worsening of wealth inequality is the biggest factor of instability in a society. It prefigures the greatest upheavals and transformations.

A new world of love

Song by Pico

The path to a society without work or money

The steps to create a paradisiacal society without work and money. Why the world is suffering and why there is only one possible solution.

Paradism video

Paradism will bring forth a true paradise on earth.

The Empathic Civilisation

We are not softwired for aggression and self-interest. We are actually softwired to be empathic towards others. We are sociable beings seeking to belong, seeking to love and be loved.
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