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Technology can free humanity from the slavery of work and money. Paradism is a system of society that will lead humanity safely through the transformations that will give birth to a true paradise on Earth. It is based on new technologies, such as robotics, genetic engineering and nanotechnologies. All production, tools, services and resources that can be efficient without the involvement of a human being can be nationalized.The nationalization of all production, services and tools provided by robots renders money obsolete since these products, services and tools can now be free.
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World Without Work

People don't want more jobs they want more freedom. Paradism aims at giving all the jobs to machines to free the people from their forced labor. The paradise enjoyed by the 1% who profit from the technology can be enjoyed by the 99% as well. The gains brought by productivity will be redistributed to all not the few.

World Without Money

When all the production and services will have been given to robots and made available to all, there will be no need for money. The resources will be shared and used with wisdom so as to give everyone the comfort, the health and the leisure they are entitled to. Nothing will be traded for a price. Everyone's creation or contribution will be an offering to others. Love will become the new currency.

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World Without Government

In paradise there are no countries because there are no frontiers. There are no jails because there is no police. There are no politicians because there is no government.A human being cannot be made a slave, a subject or be turned into a sheep. It is a crime against humanity.A human being cannot be ruled or governed by anyone else but him or herself. A human being is the master of their own life, the creator of their own destiny.

World Sustainability

Fighting pollution is of little interest in our current economic system where maximizing profit prevails in every decision. It only becomes a concern when it is already too late.
The health and well being of the people and all life forms is the highest if not the only priority of Paradism.
Resources will primarily go towards repairing the earth and keeping it safe and clean for all life.
It implies an immediate, unilateral and complete demilitarization along with the dismantling and the banning of all weapons designed to kill or injure human beings.

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